Meg & Danny~ August 2020

The lakes restaurant

I met up with Meg and Danny to discuss their upcoming Wedding - it was meant to be in a few weeks but because of the pandemic they have rescheduled to next year. We met up at their Wedding venue The Lakes Restaurant in Burgh le Marsh

It was great to catch up with the couple and see what they have been upto. They both work for the NHS so as you can imagine it's been a hectic few months!

Things I learnt from our meet up:

Danny can do a great impression of a dog

Meg has a soft spot for Anthony Joshua

The 'Burgh' in Burgh le Marsh is pronounced 'Boro'. Not berg for some reason I

The footbridge over the lake has a loose plank - this can make walking across it 'exciting' or 'scary' based on your mood at the time

All in all it was a lovely evening